3rd November 2016 / Freelance Resource / by Chia Sihan

What Does The Future For Freelancers In Singapore Look Like?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a dialogue session organised by the Labour Movement.

Whether by choice or due to circumstances, many freelance professionals have embraced earning an income from project-based work that’s not limited to the traditional 9 to 6 model. The new freelancer economy is no longer about temporary labour – increasingly, freelancers are experienced and strategic independent professionals who want more flexibility than traditional employees.

Worldwide, freelancers aren’t included in most employment laws or work safety compensation acts… which is why we are sharing some key updates we learnt from a dialogue session that The Fashion Collective Singapore (TFCS) was invited to attend with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Statistics indicate a changing economy with freelance numbers on the rise. So it was gratifying to hear Secretary-General Chan Chun Seng (who heads the Labour Movement) acknowledge that the “freelance employment model”, while non-traditional, is just as valid because there are many whose livelihoods depend on it.

The launch of the FSEU (Freelancers and Self-employed Unit) this year and interactive platform for freelancers freelanceXchange is a clear and tangible indication of the Labour Movement’s intent to look more closely into regulations and guidelines, to help provide more support and welfare for folks working under such models.

The reality is that change takes time, and there are many aspects yet to be studied. Many countries are grappling with similar issues, but ideas are being explored through central resource sharing platforms that offer comprehensive “bread and butter” support services for freelancers.

These are some areas that will be looked into over the coming months, and as an empowered Collective for creative freelance professionals in the independent workforce to find solidarity, TFCS has been working with the Labour Movement, and will continue to work more closely with them to explore viable options.

As a gig aggregator connecting brands/clients with talent, we’re also well-positioned as a community platform for collaborative sustainability. So if you’re a freelance professional who’s keen to know more or be involved, get in touch at and join us in building a more supportive system and better future for one another.

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