30th April 2016 / Style

Style Spotlight: Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

If you are an avid social media user or a Louis Vuitton lover, you would already know that the house is currently hosting the Series 3 Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands. Of course we had to go, some of us made it to opening party and others simply booked a complimentary tour of the exhibition. Thank you, Louis Vuitton.

The exhibition is presented as the inspiration behind Nicholas Ghesquière Fall/Winter 2015 collection, but, for us it is all about the more than 160 years worth of the brand’s history and how it has managed to transcend time. The skills of the craftsmanship were no doubt on display but we were also in awe of the talent of the in-house designers. Clearly, this exhibition is a trip back memory lane and, at the same time, a look at the future of the brand.

One of the first things the visitor is greeted with, and probably the piece that gets the most photographed, is the famous house logo in a very modern way. What we loved is hearing from our tour guide that it represents the history of the logo over the years and now it is back to the original one used on each of trunk locks.

This is obviously an ingenious way of showcasing not only the power house that is Louis Vuitton but also how futuristic and modern it is.

You can of course visit the exhibition without booking a guided tour but, be warned, you will be missing out on so much. Each room is filled with so many details that the naked eye couldn’t possibly capture all of it. The guided tour allows you to not only feel like a VIP but also get to discover the behind-the-scenes stories of the iconic house.

The star of the exhibition is, without a doubt, the La Petite Malle bag which was presented this year during the Louis Vuitton fall/winter fashion show in Paris – it is a piece that embodies the history of the brand through the art of traveling and making it oh-so-relevant.

Yes, apart form the very rich and the very famous, who has trunks to travel with nowadays? Thanks to La Petite Malle you can now link the past to the present and hopefully the future.


No. It is also about the artisans.

In one of the rooms, you can sit at a table and pretend to be an LV-approved artisan while following the film of the making of an LV bag. You sort of feel that you are actually making it yourself!

In my case, I was so mesmerised by all the precise gestures that I just sat and watched like a kid in front of their favourite cartoon. Then, in another room, you finally get to meet the living stars – two craftswomen from Louis Vuitton showing you how a Petite Malle is made.

We counted 60 plus pieces to assemble the bag and more then 20 hours of work amongst different in-house specialists before finally seeing the finished product. We happily spent time chit-chatting with the artisans about their work before finally taking a break at the Louis Vuitton cafe (a first F&B outlet for Louis Vuitton according to our guide).

And, last but not least, just before you exit the exhibition you are offered your very own monogram sticker… Let’s say that my office-on-wheel case is now adorned with the company’s monogram. So, next on the list: a trunk or a petite malle!

This article originally appeared in The Fifth Collection, issue 75