29th April 2016 / Style

Fashion Heroes : Margherita Missoni

Her last name needs no introduction and her cool, eclectic sense of style has made her one of fashion’s favourite style setters. With her dedication to her family and its iconic brand, Margherita Missoni has undoubtedly earned her place among the top ranks of fashion insiders.

A true-blue Italian, Margherita spent her childhood in Milan but moved to America to study Philosophy at Columbia University. Like many members of the Missoni family, Margherita joined the family business upon graduation and quickly become the face of the brand, both as an ambassador and model. One of the elements that makes her stand out is how she works Missoni prints into her wardrobe.

It has been said that the retro revival (or the rising popularity of the 1970s silhouette on the runway) which began a few years back was due to Margherita’s penchant for that style of dressing. A great ambassador for the storied fashion house, Margherita is often photographed during fashion weeks and various other fashion events.

Despite being an heiress to the Missoni fortune, Margherita started her career in fashion as an intern. “I interned at Vogue Paris when I was just 16. I assisted with anything that required a hand – from photo shoots to coffee runs for the office.”

On her role models, Margherita has said that she looks up to her grandmother, Rosita, as well as her mother, Angela. Growing up, these two women taught her to distance herself from the fashion universe and instil in her the great passion for the family business. “A great passion for our job runs in the family, but we also know that this is not the most important thing in the world, so we live our lives with lots of irony and detachment. I guess this approach has saved me on many levels.”

“Having a big, tight-knit family is like having a net of protection that you can fall back on. Even if you fall, you never hurt yourself. It’s unconditional love from a large number of people, which nowadays is very rare.”


In 2012, Margherita defied tradition and made headlines when, for her wedding to racecar driver Eugenio Amos, she wore a bohemian gown designed by Giambattista Valli instead of something designed by the house of Missoni. However, the Moroccan-themed reception featured picnic settings adorned in bold Missoni-print cushions.

These days, Margherita is in charge of the accessories, beachwear and kids categories in the fashion house. “When you own shares of a company, you don’t simply go to work in the morning and get back home at 6. It’s different, you end up doing whatever is needed as you really care for it. I have a hard time picturing myself in the future – as of right now, I’m very happy.”

This article originally appeared in The Fifth Collection, issue 69