28th September 2016 / Freelance Resource / by Chia Sihan

Fair for Freelancers: United in Creative Expression

With the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) estimating Singapore’s current freelance workforce at 200,000, the growing emphasis on putting more support behind freelance professionals is evident through initiatives such as U Freelancers, and the formation of the Labour Movement’s Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (UFSE).

The inaugural Fair for Freelancers on 7 Sept, 2016 held at the Red Dot Design Museum, is another sign of Singapore’s progressive support of the country’s freelance workforce and better things to come.

For more details on the fair’s activities, The Middle Ground’s article has a concise summary of the fair’s services and aggregators. 

Attracting some 400 freelancers, the Fair for Freelancers broke new ground by pulling together independent professionals, business solution providers, and service aggregators from different industries including information technology, design, fashion and beauty, and handymen services. The Fashion Collective Singapore was invited to participate at the event as a service aggregator for the fashion and beauty professionals sector.

Addressing the audience at a panel session during the event, Member of Parliament, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and Director of UFSE, Mr Ang Hin Kee, said, “We want to see people be able to choose different choices of career, whether (as) employee or freelancer, and have these lead to the same outcome.” Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Chan Chun Sing, was also present at the event.

TFCS X Fair for Freelancers

Amidst the excitement of making our inaugural public appearance, we were also curious to learn from TFCS Mentors: As freelance creative professionals, how do they stay strong and forge their own paths, in spite of uncertainties?

TFCS Mentors and freelancers, Clara Yee, Candice Phang, Desiree Ng, Ginger Lynette, and Kenneth Ong, were invited to share their unique journeys and personal career tips with keen participants during the fair’s sharing sessions.

Check out what went down at The Fashion Collective Singapore’s mini showcase at the fair.

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