7th June 2016 / Freelance Resource / by Chia Sihan

Supercharge Your Personal Brand

There's nothing like getting looped into the right network to give your brand and business a competitive boost

Whether you’re a freelance professional or the boss of your own start-up, working with the right platform to promote your brand, can determine just how far you’ll go in your industry. Here are some tips to get started:

Network smarter and faster
Many self-employed business owners have this idea that as long as you continue to produce good work, your reputation should be able to sell your brand/product/service. Right?

Well, not really. Word-of-mouth is great – but it can only take you so far. Actively marketing your brand and services through a sleek online portfolio that’s enhanced by social media marketing, is a proven and effective strategy that will help you to create a more systematic way of managing your business, while giving you greater access to that new customer pool that you’ve been trying to build for years without much success.

Collaborate with like-minded folks
This means actively seeking out strategic partners that you can leverage on by way of tapping on your expertise. For instance, if you’re selling eco-friendly beauty products, connect with potentially relevant partners who advocate sustainable living, such as hydroponic urban farmers, style influencers who are big on going green with their fashion and beauty choices, or even an entrepreneur who has created a smart recycling system to help families recycle better.

It’s all about timing
Timing matters when it comes to updating your social media posts. Understand who makes up the bulk of your potential customers (in other words, who is your primary audience), and their social media consumption habits. Take for example, American teenagers – recent research has shown that they gravitate towards Instagram, followed by Twitter and Facebook. In Singapore, millennials are trending towards Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

It’s also imperative to pay attention to the type of content that your audience is interested in. For instance, a beauty brand may decide to engage a popular beauty personality who’s skilled in body art painting for a video tutorial to demonstrate the versatility and durability of their products, instead of forking out millions of advertising dollars on a conventional 30sec TVC.

Go against the grain
Because really, what’s the point of being like everyone else? Distinguish your own voice from the crowd by staying true to your values and authentic in your quality and standards as a professional – and a brand. Think about this… What makes you special as a professional in your field? How would you like to brand yourself and showcase your skills to the rest of the world? And just as importantly, ask yourself: now how do I achieve that effectively?

Get connected with the people who matter
It seems like everyone and their grandmas are they’re doing well on social media… but are they really bringing in as much business as they’re portraying themselves out to be doing? Remember that mainstream social platforms are undulated with so much content by the second, that it’s becoming incredibly challenging to keep up – much less stand out or get noticed. Rather than jostling for a teeny slice of the social media pie, simply fast track your brand by identifying the right industry platform to help you tell your story honestly, build your brand, increase your visibility, and project your reach exponentially across invisible global boundaries.

An industry collective like TFCS – made up of like-minded professionals like yourself, can provide that much-needed boost that you’ve been looking for. The fun and committed folks at TFCS are all about embracing passion, heart work, opportunities, mentorship, and collective growth. They believe that every creative professional has a compelling story to share, and mad skills waiting to be discovered.  Spearheaded by experienced editors, content creators, and industry professionals, TFCS is an industry platform by industry insiders for industry insiders (plus fashion and beauty lovers looking for that break to get their foot in the door). TFCS editors love stories about people, aesthetics, beauty, style, and inspiration – so get in touch and say hi (they promise they won’t bite – unless you’re a dark chocolate cookie, in which case, they admit that it would be pretty hard for them to resist). Excited to join the family? Start boosting your professional network here.

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Chia Sihan

A story junkie by nature, this TFCS scribe thrives on uncovering the backstories of her interview subjects, whether they are heads of corporations or a working Mum caring for a child with a developmental disorder. She finds it a privilege to be privy to these personal experiences. Some of the publications she has written for include the Singapore Women’s Weekly, L’Officiel Singapore, and Harper’s Bazaar Junior. It is this genuine love for storytelling and collaboration that led her to kickstart her journey as a co-founder of The Fashion Collective Singapore. Now the chief storyteller at TFCS, she is particularly inspired by the personal journeys of TFCS Mentors, not to mention their dedication towards the refinement of their craft.

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