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5 Things I Wished I’ve Done For My Skin In My 20s

It’s writing articles like this when I wish there was a Benjamin Button pedal that I could step on and hit  REWIND to the point where my closest notion of skincare was Oxy pimple cream. Nostalgia aside, here are some reflections on what I would have done for my skin in my 20s.

#1 – Having a proper skincare routine

Some of you may go, “But what special reinforcement do you need when your skin is supposedly in its peachy, glowing prime?”

Honestly, as a hardcore off-the-pharmacy shelf type of girl, I would be among the first to let anyone who’s interested know that the Duchess of Cambridge uses Nivea, which some reports have claimed produces results that are comparable with more high-end brands.

After learning more about the research efforts that beauty brands undertake to come up with their next star product, I grew to appreciate that while having good makeup technique is an art, having a good skincare routine in place is setting a solid foundation for your skin to feel and look its best on its own.

#2 – Invest in a good eye cream

The skin around the eyes is reportedly up to four times thinner than the rest of the body. Knowing that doesn’t make me any more diligent in including eye cream as part of my daily routine, as I found it quite a hassle to be dabbing something around my eyes after the standard cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. I’ve been fortunate to not have eye bags and dark circles so eye creams seemed like a luxury to me.

As the years go by, I learn to appreciate that as with savings, the earlier you invest in quality skincare, the earlier you can collect your dividends in the form of smooth, line-free skin around your peepers. Consistent, regular care beats having to regret about not taking time to care about your beauty needs.

#3 – Use sunscreen and sunglasses more

Seeing the number of dark spots creeping onto parts of my neck and arms, it’s payback time for those long days spent at the beach, canoeing, swimming, hiking and generally doing outdoor activities without sun protection.

It’s easy to dismiss sun care as an afterthought, given how much we’re exposed to it all year round. But on closer look at the freckles popping up at the most unexpected places, from my calves to my arms, I really wished I had been more diligent in protecting my skin before heading out. And as sunglasses block out the glare from sunlight, I also didn’t have to keep squinting and putting in place fine lines around my eyes, forehead and cheeks before their time!

#4 – Start and stick to a nutrient-rich diet

I still struggle with that occasionally, when the craving for comfort food strikes. However, I’m also more aware now that apart from including sufficient fibre and vitamins from fruits and vegetables, staying amply hydrated with H2O throughout the day helps to energise us while regulating our internal system.

With late nights out being quite the norm, the result was indulging in alcohol, which dries up the skin, and too much comfort food. Nowadays, I still stay up occasionally for a glass or two with friends and try to compensate by drinking more water and eating less junk.

#5 – Pay attention to my hands

A male friend recently commented that it’s a woman’s hands that usually give away her age. The moment I heard that, I couldn’t help sneaking a quick (and guilty) glance at my somewhat dry and crinkly paws.

What have I done for them lately? Not much apparently, which is why I’ve started slathering hand cream in the office while keeping a tube handy in my bag. I’ve also read that Retinol, which is made from Vitamin A, is supposed to help keep wrinkles at bay so safe to say that will be the next item to include on my shopping list!

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