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5 Eco Friendly Brands For Any Season

Trends may come and go with the fashion seasons but as wardrobes get updated, fashion brands are also starting to make more concerted efforts to improve their manufacturing more environmentally-conscious. As Earth Day approaches on April 22, we round up five labels that have worked to ensure sustainable practices are kept in place to let fashion lovers everywhere make a more environment-friendly style statement.

#1 – Stella McCartney

In the tactile high-fashion world where fur and exotic skins are highly coveted, this animal-friendly brand is known for not using leather or fur. Raised by vegetarian animal activists parents Paul and Linda, the label’s design team, helmed by the eponymous founder, has managed to come up with creative collections that continue to sell. “One of the hardest things is to design something that is desirable and then to take that design and make it in a way that is not conventional. We’re sourcing our own material, developing our own material — we’re not using PVC,” McCartney said in a previous interview.

#2 – Minan Wong

This New York designer incorporates the use of high-quality eco-friendly fibers, organic cotton, natural fabrics, tencel, recycled PET and recycled wool in her creations. Wong’s recent collection at New York Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 revolves around shades of dark red, grey, blue, purple, and blue, reflecting an effortless blend of minimalistic chic and contemporary, modernistic glamour.

#3 – Suno

The playful and artistic geometric prints on the well-cut pieces by Suno belie a deeper intent behind the brand’s origins. SUNO’s Max Osterweis, who was then a screenwriter was shaken by the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008. He was motivated to do something positive for the country he’d fallen in love with and teamed up with his designer friend Erin Beatty to create a collection from his own stash of colorful vintage Kenyan kangas.
Using recycled fabrics and production in sustainable factories in Kenya, Suno is also mindful of employing ethical practices throughout the entire design process, choosing to collaborate with local artists in Peru, Africa and India.


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#4 – DL1961

Fronted by Hollywood star Jessica Alba, this premium jean label’s ethics resonated with Alba, whose Honest Company produces nontoxic, environmentally friendly products. She said in an earlier interview, “DL 1961 is a thoughtful company in the way they go about creating denim, and that angle was important to me as well”.
The denim brand relies on an unique “confection” of fibers that cuts the processing time in half and uses half the dye, half the water and energy it takes to produce traditional denim. The label has also developed an on-site filtration system that purifies the wastewater until it’s potable.

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#5 – Rodarte

A hot favourite among celebrities looking for whimsical and edgy red-carpet gear, Rodarte is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally vigilant designers around.

Not only do the designs consistently push the envelope, the designers also use natural fibers such as cotton and silk, and dyes which are made with environment-friendly pigments and devoid of harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives. In an interview with Vogue magazine, the Mulleavy sisters, who devoted an entire collection to the Star Wars film, spoke about using a non-toxic dyeing process “that can only be done on natural fibers… It is done without harsh chemicals and without producing industrial waste”.

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