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Inspired to create a holistic eco-system for freelancers in the fashion, beauty and creative industries, a pair of ex-broadsheet and magazine-trained editors decided to leverage on their skills, resources and connections to create a supportive community that would pave the way ahead for independent professionals.

The vision? To empower their freelancing counterparts with unity, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities.

Driven by experienced and relevant insiders who have earned their stripes, The Fashion Collective Singapore (TFCS) is Singapore's first industry-level platform created to support freelance professionals with access to proven expertise, mutual support, and purposeful connections.

What makes the fun-loving, heart-driven and dynamic folks at TFCS stand out?

For a start, TFCS is spearheaded by savvy editors with proven publishing backgrounds; content creators who are constantly plugged into the pulsating chatter of social media; and industry mavens who complement each other professionally.

With a published portfolio that stretches across the region, TFCS comprises a multi-disciplinary pool of independent session professionals, united under a common banner. Together, they stand for the quality of work, and a stronger collaborative voice.

As part of this collective, members can look forward to support from senior practitioners in the industry, as well as insight and professional coaching from the TFCS Mentorship Programme. The awesome Mentors at TFCS are firm believers in embracing passion, heart work, opportunities, mentorship, and above all, collective growth.

If you're seeking to accelerate your personal and professional growth, check out the upcoming specialty workshops and mini-masterclasses!

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Unity, Collaboration, Mentorship


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